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Nicolas Cisco ncis20 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 7 19:37:20 UTC 2015

In my opinion, the main problem in developing for SailfishOS is the lack of
documentation, it would be good to have a official site with tutorials,
faqs, etc. But, as it was said mantaining all that documentation is
something that requires many people, ie: resources and money.

I think that when we all support Jolla by buying the device we all knew
that developing for it would be something like hacking. Sometimes, it's a
bit frustrating to spend much time finding out how the platform works,
instead of developing the app we are tring to. But, we, as a community,
manage to surpass that problem and build good apps. I personally didn't
know the existance of the Sailfish section in the mer wiki [1], so i
started to write a blog [2] about the solutions i found to the problems i
encountered while developing for SailfishOS, i'll try to start transcribing
that entries to the wiki. If we all make an effort of writing an article in
the wiki for every (or at least some) of the solutions we find for the
problems we come across while developing we would a good base non-official
documentation and tutorials. Remember that the main purpose of a wiki is
the collaborative knowledge, if each puts it's little help, we'll make
somthing big =).

Let's be honest, there is a unofficial jolla/sailfish facebook group (which
is well maintained), there are also unofficial jolla/sailfish blogs (with
frequent entries) and there is also an unofficial jolla/sailfish forum, why
can't we also have a good unofficial jolla/sailfish wiki/documentation? =D

[1] https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Sailfish
[2] http://nckweb.com.ar/sailing-code

2015-02-06 9:48 GMT-03:00 "Thomas B. Rücker" <thomas at ruecker.fi>:

> On 02/06/2015 12:13 PM, Kaj-Michael Lang wrote:
> > On Fri, 2015-02-06 at 10:32 +0000, "Thomas B. Rücker" wrote:
> >> You mean like https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Sailfish and its
> >> various
> >> sub-pages?
> > I'm looking more for things like (just examples):
> > - How to use the camera in a Sailfish app
> > - How do I create this-and-that kind of UI interface
> > - How do I use a Wii/PS3 controller in my Sailfish game
> > - How can I send e-mail from my application using the e-mail app
> > - How do I implement a social sharing feature into my application
> > - Storing settings in my app
> > - Getting GPS information in a harbour approved way
> > - etc...
> That's what it's for and some of what you say is there, but if nobody
> puts anything new there it won't be there. Or were you looking for
> groomed developer documentation that happens to be on a wiki, "like
> Nokia had" and Nokia employed an army of people larger than Jolla as a
> whole to maintain?
> But this is moot anyway, as it was just said that there maybe some day
> be a "official" wiki, so please go back to your holding pattern and wait
> patiently.
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