[SailfishDevel] Use of other aspects of Qt

Alejandro Exojo suy at badopi.org
Sun Nov 23 12:09:19 UTC 2014

El Saturday 22 November 2014, Chris Sparks escribió:
> Hi everyone,
> I have been playing with the demos and was wondering am I only allowed
> to use QML?
> I am most familiar with using Qt classes directly and I don't see the UI
> editor so
> I am guessing that it is not available for use with Sailfish.  Sure I
> can learn QML
> but I'd rather use tools I already have experience with to save time.

QtWidgets work on SailfishOS... for an arguable definition of work. You can 
compile, link and execute an application based on widgets, but you'll soon 
notice that you don't want to. Widgets require code to display themselves as 
the platform they are running on, and that code is not there on Sailfish. Even 
if this code could be added (it seems on Android is), that will only give you 
buttons that are of a reasonable size and of a reasonable color. Not much 
more. You'll soon to make a list, and notice that users will hate to have a 
list with a scrollbar instead of being flickable.

If you skip the predefined widgets and you want to do your own, then can be 
fine, but only if you have some legacy code that you need to keep.

> What I am trying to work on is an embedded linux app, using Qt, that is
> fast to boot
> and runs only one app, mine.  I am wanting to retrofit a classic car I
> have with
> modern technology but I need the software/hardware to be operational as
> quick as
> possible.  How many folks would tolerate if your gauges became
> operational after 19
> seconds.

Why are you asuming that Widgets will be fast and QML will be slow? QtQuick is 
designed from the ground up to be extremely fast will all the eye candy. This 
example is from qtquick1 (which is still slower than QtQuick2 on Qt5):


Doing that with QGraphicsView is doable, but much harder than this:


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