[SailfishDevel] Add locale support to jolla calendar

Pekka Vuorela pekka.vuorela at jolla.com
Fri Nov 14 11:51:57 UTC 2014

to, 2014-11-13 kello 23:43 +0200, E.S. Rosenberg kirjoitti:
> Well I solved it and now it's dependent on the locale (which by
> default is not set on Jolla) so:

> 1. I am more then happy to submit my patches to Jolla, though you guys
> claim 'closed source' every file I edited had a BSD license at the
> top.

I expect you have been checking Silica files. There the QML file side
does have BSD licenses on files. Rationale being to allow application
developers taking snippets of code when using provided elements directly
is not enough for some reason.

I don't think we have a precedent of merging contributions there,
though. So while it's great you got it working how you like, it could be
easier for us (or me) right now to implement this separately.

> 2. To actually make this work properly jolla one or all of the
> following environment variables need to be present LC_TIME, LC_ALL,
> LANG, by default LANG is present but for people like me who want
> language A but locale B for dates etc. so some way to set LC_* or at
> least LC_ALL would be cool. 
> I tried adding to my .bashrc but that had no effect for launching from
> the launcher, from CLI it helpend of course.
> I assume I need to add it somewhere in dconf but I'm not knowledgeable
> enough about dconf for the moment...

User session picks up the locale values (that is, LANG at the moment
set) from /var/lib/environment/nemo/locale.conf

But having different locale categories working properly is not that
simple. String translations are also used for date/time patterns, Qt
knows only one system locale, etc.

Acknowledged that some people want this, though.

> Should I publish the patches here or is that considered unacceptable
> behavior on this list?

I see no reason not to.

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