[SailfishDevel] ListView with SectionDelegate (Strange Behaviour)

Norbert Wenzel norbert.wenzel.lists at gmail.com
Fri Jan 31 20:32:35 UTC 2014

Sorry for tofu, I'm not able to manage the Google webmail reply interface
correctly, and I don't have my Thunderbird with me atm.

I just wanted to say that since updating to the new Sailfish version
( the problem seems to be gone. I can't confirm that for the your
test, but the page I made in my app and tested on my device shows
correctly. The only problem is that the comparison is case sensitive, I
don't know if that is the intended behaviour, but I assume that can be
specified/fixed in QML.


On Thu, Jan 30, 2014 at 7:09 PM, <christopher.lamb at thurweb.ch> wrote:

> Sali Norbert
> thanks for your confirmation.
> I have not filed a bug report with the Qt-Project, as my tests on Desktop,
> Android etc indicate that this is not a general Qt 5.x bug, but a Sailfish
> specific one. (Despite my expectations, I got expected behaviour on those
> platforms).
> My understanding is that this is currently the best place to report
> Sailfish development bugs.
> If there is a more appropriate place, then I will gladly report it there.
> Chris
> Zitat von "Norbert Wenzel" <norbert.wenzel.lists at gmail.com>:
>  On 01/29/2014 07:56 PM, christopher.lamb at thurweb.ch wrote:
>>> This time it is a ListView / SilicaListVew with a SectionDelegate based
>>> on FirstCharacter.
>>> For the items initially displayed this works well, with the section
>>> headers exactly where I would expect them[...]
>>> But as I flick up, I then a section header between each item (e.g
>>> between Gargantua and Gilbert).
>> I can also confirm that behaviour. In your example and also in an app I'm
>> coding myself.
>> Did you already file a bug or are you still investigating?
>> Norbert
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