[SailfishDevel] Qt Creator Code AutoCompletion in QML for C++ declarative plugins

christopher.lamb at thurweb.ch christopher.lamb at thurweb.ch
Sun Jan 26 16:23:30 UTC 2014

Hi All

My app exposes chunks of functionality to the QML side from C++  
declarative plugins.

On the QML side QtCreator gives me automatic code completion for  
elements exposed from such plugins, suggesting property and method  

So far so good.

The trouble is, I often refactor the C++ code as I add complexity e.g.  
renaming properties and methods as better names occur to me, or  
reflect a change in purpose.

The trouble is, back on the QML side, QtCreator code-completion still  
suggests the original names long after these have been renamed or  

Is there any way to "flush" / update the code completion so it  
reflects the current state of affairs? Cleaning does not help, nor  
does "Reset Code Model".



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