[SailfishDevel] Harbour compliant way to read contacts

christopher.lamb at thurweb.ch christopher.lamb at thurweb.ch
Sat Jan 25 16:35:47 UTC 2014

Hi Sven

I am equally curious:

Reading and rereading Bernd's mail I see

" ..contacts synced to the device from some third party services..."

I entered all the contacts on my phone myself (most via bluetooth from  
the N9). No third parties are involved at all. So surely my apps  
should have full readonly access.

If the source is an issue, then the source should be an attribute of  
each contact, thus allowing apps access to kosher contacts, and  
barring access to those from third parties.

Surely what an app does with the contacts is more important than the  
source of the contacts?

e.g. if an app "phones home" with a list of all the phone's contacts,  
that is not on.

But just displaying contacts, or using a contact to setup a call or an  
SMS seems legit to me.



Zitat von "Putze Sven" <sailfish.os at hardcodes.de>:

> Hi,
> could you please shed some light about this issue? What kind of  
> service agreements? Between whom? Was there some hidden hint in the  
> fine print I did not read why I bought the phone?
> Or to put it in some more provocative way: those contact data is  
> *my* data and *I* want to decide what information is shared between  
> which apps.
> BR.
> Sven
> On 21.01.2014, at 18:04, Bernd Wachter <bernd.wachter at jolla.com> wrote:
>> Short answer: Right now it's not allowed for legal reasons: We are not
>> allowed to pass contacts synced to the device from some third party
>> services through to other applications.
>> (i.e., contacts not tied to some service
>> agreement).

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