[SailfishDevel] Harbour compliant way to read contacts

Putze Sven sailfish.os at hardcodes.de
Sat Jan 25 11:44:24 UTC 2014


could you please shed some light about this issue? What kind of service agreements? Between whom? Was there some hidden hint in the fine print I did not read why I bought the phone?
Or to put it in some more provocative way: those contact data is *my* data and *I* want to decide what information is shared between which apps.


On 21.01.2014, at 18:04, Bernd Wachter <bernd.wachter at jolla.com> wrote:
> Short answer: Right now it's not allowed for legal reasons: We are not
> allowed to pass contacts synced to the device from some third party
> services through to other applications. 
> (i.e., contacts not tied to some service
> agreement).
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