[SailfishDevel] Help/guidance request - camera viewfinder with qml overlay

Kimmo Lindholm Kimmo.Lindholm at eke.fi
Fri Jan 24 00:27:48 UTC 2014

...For TOH Thermal viewer application.

Going to use a panasonic Grid-eye 8x8 infrared sensor (1), attach it to 'TOH' and get the thermal data to the application.

Now i need just example how to get camera viewfinder on the screen and on top of which i can draw overlay with QML.

Result could be something like fluke VT02 (http://www.fluke.com/fluke/caen/thermometers/infrared-thermometers/vt02-visual-ir-thermometer.htm?PID=75051)

(1). See this page http://eewiki.net/display/projects/Panasonic%20GridEYE%20Breakout%20Board%20and%20GUI


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