[SailfishDevel] Cannot ssh to device in USB developer mode

Julius Loman lomo at kyberia.net
Thu Jan 23 14:04:49 UTC 2014 is Jolla's IP address. you have to set another IP address in the same
C class network to your usb0 interface. For example


On Thu, Jan 23, 2014 at 03:01:08PM +0100, dcaliste at free.fr wrote:
> Hello list members,
>    Sorry for asking this stupid question, but I can't connect to the device with
> ssh when this one is connected via USB in developer mode. I can ssh to it when
> connecting through WLAN though.
>    What I'm doing:
> - enable developer mode and set-up a password (this one is working since I can
> connect through WLAN) ;
> - plug-in USB cable from the computer and choose developer mode connection ;
> - the settings page tell me that the address is affected to the USB
> interface.
> - I setup the computer to attribute to the interface
> on usb0, statically (it's working since ping is responding).
> - I ssh at this address with nemo as login, it's responding since it proposes to
> add the hw key to the known host list, and then it's asking for the password,
> but when I type it, I get permission denied. The password is alright since I can
> ssh to the device when using WLAN connection.
>    I've tried with a generated password from the interface also but no luck
> neither. I've tried to find the logs of ssh, but was not able to find them,
> before they were located in /var/log/auth, but not here. I've tried to look at
> journalctl output but didn't found anything about rejected connection or ssh.
> I've tried to google a bit, found the page http://elinux.org/Jolla but still get
> permission denied.
>    Can anyone help me on this, by pointing me where I can give a look to
> understand what's happening, or by pointing out what I'm doing wrong.
> Thanks in advance, and have a nice day,
> Damien.
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