[SailfishDevel] Fwd: Re: QGeoSatelliteInfoSource in Sailfish

Caliste Damien dcaliste at free.fr
Sun Jan 19 20:14:09 UTC 2014


Le dimanche 12 janvier 2014, christopher.lamb at thurweb.ch a écrit :
> Marcel used the Compass element from QtSensors for azimuth.
Ok, I understand, but I'm still wondering :
- QtSensors and compas will provide the azimuth of the device, so
acting it like a compas, for instance, top of the device is pointing to
the north.
- QGeoPosition is providing GPS info with latitude and longitude, and I
was thinking that the direction attribute was in fact the first
derivative of the position, which is different from the compas return
value, for instance I'm moving west while pointing top of device to the

So how to get the first derivative of GPS position, deriving it by
hand ? Like calling the azimuth method on the two last GPS fix ?

Have a nice week,


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