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I would like to add two items to the list:

5) If you use Qt.openUrlExternally("sms:" + smsNumber + "?body=" +
smsText); in your app you will not be returned back to the app but you will
have to close the sms sending UI (at least when cancelling) and this may
result in some kind of stack error (?) in some cases (black screen,
reboot). I think a fix is needed. - The same method for tel: works great!

6) Regarding item 5), there is no display of the recipient (number/contact)
of the SMS when you are supposed to finally send the text. Risky?


2014/1/10 <christopher.lamb at thurweb.ch>

> Hi All
> As I have had the flu for the past few days, I have been working from
> home, and thus receiving and sending quiet a few SMSes with work
> colleagues. On the whole I found the SMS app useable, even if it could
> benefit from some tweaking.
> I found the "prod to reply" fairly obvious, IMHO no need for a reply
> button there; but I completely missed the "swipe to the left to reply by
> phone call".  Perhaps the moral here is that some of the UX interactions
> are at first not natural, as they are different to other platforms - even
> the N9. I am in 2 minds as to wether such interactions will become more
> natural with time, or if I will remain permanently "locked out" of some
> functionality because I never chance on the magic touch that reveals it.
> Some things I think do need improvement are:
> 1) text is readable with glasses on, but not without, or in difficult
> conditions. Pinch to zoom would be ace and natural.
> 2) When you reply to an SMS, the new SMS is hidden at the very bottom of
> screen, and requires a second prod to show the keyboard. I think it would
> be better if the new SMS opened with the keyboard deployed.
> 3) No cursors (or at least any that I have found) to move around in the
> text of the SMS to make corrections.
> 4) Location of the send button is unfortunate. I also find it a bit small
> and subtle - I would prefer a larger more obvious button.
> mfg
> Chris
> Zitat von "Kalle Vahlman" <kalle.vahlman at movial.com>:
>  2014/1/10 Chris Walker <cdw_nokiaqt at the-walker-household.co.uk>:
>>> On the way home from the meeting, I wanted to send a text to my wife.
>>> If I thought email was difficult, that was a walk in the park compared
>>> to trying to send an SMS. Seriously people, have you tried this thing
>>> in the real world? Where's the Reply button? Jeez. You sure are making
>>> life tough.
>> This intrigues me. What exactly did you find difficult in sending an SMS?
>> From what I see on the device, it should be quite obvious how to do
>> that both through the people app or the messaging app, and
>> not-so-obvious but guessable (long press) from the call app.
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