[SailfishDevel] Howto ship QML plugins for harbour

Caliste Damien dcaliste at free.fr
Sat Jan 11 13:19:44 UTC 2014


Le vendredi 10 janvier 2014, Aaron McCarthy a écrit :
> You will have to patch and rebuild the QML plugin. This is because it
> is verifying that the correct import uri is used. You will need to
> patch the source to accept the harbour.appname.QtPositioning uri.
Ok, I see.

> It is also not just a mater of shipping the QML plugin with your
> application, you will need to ship all dependencies not approved by
> Harbour. For Qt Positioning this would also mean the Qt Positioning
> C++ library as well.
For .so libraries, it's fine, I've already shipped them with the
application, using an rpath variable.

> The plugins.qmltypes file is not important at run-time. It is used by
> Qt Creator for syntax highlighting and code completion.
Ok, good to know. I'm not using QtCreator, just emacs.

> QQmlEngine::addImportPath() or set QML2_IMPORT_PATH
Ok, thanks that was the missing information I need.

Thanks for the quick reply.


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