[SailfishDevel] x-maemo-urischeme problems

Andreas Storbjörk andreas at storbjork.fi
Fri Jan 10 18:02:37 UTC 2014


I've been trying to register a uri scheme handler, something like 
"myapp://xxxxx", so that when Sailfish browser tries to open such an 
url, it would open my app and pass the url as argument. But so far I've 
had very little success.. it seems to work if I use the "lca-tool" 
command to verify it but nothing happens in Sailfish browser when 
visiting such an url. It just tells me "myapp is not a registered 
protocol". I can find my handler in 
/usr/share/applications/mimeinfo.cache and it looks ok.

Is there something besides editing the .desktop file and running 
"update-desktop-database" that I still need todo to make it work?

// Andreas
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