[SailfishDevel] D-Bus viewer touch

Alejandro Exojo suy at badopi.org
Thu Jan 9 20:12:32 UTC 2014


During this holidays I did an attempt at a port to Silica and SailfishOS the 
qdbusviewer. Is a really nice tool for learning how your system works, 
specially on a platform like this.

By this time I would have expected to have something a bit more meaningful to 
announce, but the holidays are over and I will have less time the next 

I wanted the code to be open since the beginning, but you know the usual 
problem with open projects: it doesn't cause a splash when you got to some 
cool point because everybody knew it since a long time ago.

Anyway, here is the source:


I'm not publishing binaries at this point, since I've found at least one bug, 
and I'm not fully sure I got the dynamic object creation (for the model of the 
pages) right, so it might be a leak.

I'll try to make it at least as featureful as the qdbusviewer on the desktop, 
but meanwhile you have read only capabilities to satisfy some curiosity. 
Please don't look much at the inside. The design needs a lot of cleanup once I 
learn how to do it properly. :)



Oh, and the original qdbusviewer on the phone:


Not very finger friendly. ;-)

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