[SailfishDevel] Adding localization to sailfish app

Pekka Vuorela pekka.vuorela at jolla.com
Thu Jan 9 14:16:26 UTC 2014

On Thu, 2014-01-09 at 14:59 +0100, Thomas Tanghus wrote:
> On Thursday 09 January 2014 14:36 Luciano Montanaro wrote:
> > From the shipped application desktop files it looks like that is the way.
> Didn't even think of looking there. It seems only a few apps are translated 
> that way: 
> $ grep "Name\[" /usr/share/applications/*
> /usr/share/applications/jolla-contacts.desktop:Name[zh_CN]=人物
> /usr/share/applications/jolla-fileman.desktop:Name[zh_CN]=文件
> /usr/share/applications/sailfish-office.desktop:Name[zh_CN]=文档

Shipped application localization is a bit different, and in that context
those are leftovers.

For third parties, however, that's the recommended way.

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