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Valerio Valerio valerio.valerio at jollamobile.com
Tue Jan 7 08:32:04 UTC 2014


On 05/01/14 19:36, Chris Walker wrote:
> On Thu, 2 Jan 2014 11:18:45 +0000
> Chris Walker <cdw_nokiaqt at the-walker-household.co.uk> wrote:
>> On Thu, 02 Jan 2014 12:50:08 +0200
>> Jonni Nakari <jonni at egarden.fi> wrote:
>>> On 02.01.2014 12:23, Chris Walker wrote:
>>>> As I appear to be the only one with this problem, it's plainly not
>>>> something that should trouble the development team.
>>> I had a similar problem when I tried adding my free Gmail account
>>> using Microsoft Exchange account type. No errors were displayed when
>>> creating the account or checking mail.
>>> I might have also seen this problem when I mistyped some settings on
>>> a imap type account, but not sure about that.
>>> I suggest that you re-create and double check all you account's
>>> settings. You might get some additional debug information by
>>> enabling the developer mode and running "journalctl -f -a" as root
>>> when first saving the account and when checking for new mail.
>> This is an IMAP account.
>> It is now declaring 'Problem with sync' so that does suggest a typo
>> somewhere but I have checked and rechecked all the account
>> information. I'm tempted to take a look at the accounts.db file to
>> see what that holds.
> I'm almost at the stage of throwing this thing away! It is *so*
> frustrating to use that it beggars belief at times.
> If I'm in the middle of setting up an email account and the screen
> blanks (after 5 seconds and not the 30 seconds it's set to!), why when I
> double tap to get back, does it revert to the home screen? I expect it
> to be like most other equipment I've used, phones included and to go
> back to where I left it.
> But the real frustration is the email setting stuff. I *still* haven't
> managed to get the thing to log into my IMAP account despite the fact
> that I can do it on a Windows 7 machine, the linux machine, a
> Blackberry Playbook and my N900 phone. They *all* show all the folders
> on the IMAP account and yet the Jolla won't. I've created the account
> countless times, both by ssh'ing in and doing it by the command line and
> also by using the GUI. It always displays 'Problem with Sync'. So as I
> also have an email account on the Playbook I used those settings and I
> can see all the folders that are present on that account (also IMAP).
> But having received an email into it, when I replied it wouldn't send. I
> *think* that initially was a problem with my router for some reason so
> having toggled the power to that I tried again. The message in the
> outbox would not send despite using the same settings as the PB. So I
> switched the settings on the Jolla to use the smtp server specified for
> my landline (the same that the linux and Windows machine use) but it
> still wouldn't send. I deleted the reply and recreated it and this time
> it did go. To me, that implies that the message holds details of the
> outgoing server and whatever I did, is never likely to make it send.
> So some questions.
> How can I reduce the number of accounts held in the sqlite database as
> the number is already up to 7 and I only have 2 email accounts, one of
> which doesn't work and the other one will be deleted?

Humm, can you clarify what are you trying to do ?
> Second question. Does the email hold details of the outgoing server
> until it's sent?
Emails are associated with an account, so yes.
> [I do see messages in the terminal 'OfonoNetworkRegistration' there
> was more to that but it's scrolled off screen too far to recall].
> Third question and one that's been posed here before and that is, how
> do I set the password for IMAP from the command line without using
> push2mail and also, I would also like to be able to check the password.
> Is there any way?

Not possible, passwords are stored in different database they can only 
be accessed via SSO apis.

I'm assuming you are running update2, right ?
Not having inbox means that the email app could not connect to the 
server to retrieve folder list, so you get a error message, how did you 
configured the account, via the UI or command line ?
What are the settings for your imap server ? port and encryption.

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