[SailfishDevel] Using mailing lists on the Jolla

Oskari Tulonen ottulo at wippies.fi
Sat Jan 4 13:31:30 UTC 2014


This is already reported on together.jolla.com, as you can see here:


On 01/04/2014 03:18 PM, Timur Kristóf wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Since I read many mailing lists, I often want to reply to them while I'm
> on-the-go, but sadly, it seems that you can't really do this on the
> Jolla. I've found multiple bugs that basically render it extremely
> inconvenient (or sometimes even impossible) to reply to mailing list
> messages with the Jolla email app.
> I'm actually not sure if anyone in Jolla ever tried to use a mailing
> list with the device, otherwise their QA would've found these bugs very
> easily.
> - When you hit "Reply" on a mailing list email, the "To" field of the
> reply is the sender of the email, not the mailing list address.
> - There is no "Reply All" on a mailing list email, only if it has
> multiple recipients.
> - Even if "Reply All" is there and you choose that, the mailing list
> address is still not included in either "To" or "CC".
> - When you get a message from a contact (contact = someone in your
> People app), you can't edit the "To" field of the reply; meaning if you
> got a message from someone on a mailing list who also happens to be in
> your contact list, you can't even manually add the mailing list address
> to the reply.
> Has anyone else also encountered these bugs?
> Can someone from Jolla confirm that there're people working on fixing them?
> Thanks,
> Timur
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