[SailfishDevel] Cannot activate Developer mode: SOLVED!!!!

AL13N alien at rmail.be
Thu Jan 2 15:50:42 UTC 2014

Op woensdag 1 januari 2014 17:39:09 schreef christopher.lamb at thurweb.ch:
> Hi all
> Firstly, a very very happy new year to all members of this list. I
> have a glass of wine next to me as I write this, and I raise it to all
> of you.
> I have just successfully updated to, and been able to install
> my first app from the Harbour (Artem's Wikipedia)!!!
> The clue was at the bottom of my mail last night.
> Zitat von christopher.lamb at thurweb.ch:
> > [root at localhost nemo]# pkcon refresh
> > Refreshing cache              [=========================]
> > Waiting in queue              [=========================]
> > Waiting for authentication    [=========================]
> > Waiting in queue              [=========================]
> > Starting                      [=========================]
> > Refreshing software list      [=========================]
> > Fatal error: Timeout exceeded when accessing
> > 'https://download.jollamobile.com/pj:/hw:/android:/common:/release/latest_
> > armv7hl/repodata/repomd.xml?credentials=store'.
> So what was the cause of the problem and the solution?
> I have divided this mail into 2 parts: the bit for Jolla, and the bit
> for the rest of us who may have a similar problem. Both may need to do
> something.
> The bit for Jolla
> ----------------------
> It turns out that my home network had very varied response times (i.e.
> often high latency). Having spent much of the afternoon measuring and
> remeasuring, I can say that I was getting everything between 13ms to
> over 3000ms between my Mac Pro Tower and my provider's speed tester.
> Note: latency should not be confused with throughput: Despite the poor
> latency I get good throughput (e.g. I can download the Lubuntu install
> in a few minutes).
> So what did I do?
> Basically I rejigged and reduced my network until I got a reliable and
> repeatable latency of around 16 ms via WLAN. (see details how in the
> next part below)
> After that system update and the store work like a dream.
> So what is the moral of this tale?
> Jolla Installing (be it developer mode, system upgrade, Harbour)
> cannot cope with real-world latency. Yes my network (was) to fault,
> but other things manage to work (Nokia Store, Google Store, BB Store,
> Linn DS and Samsung TV updates etc). Maybe there is a simple timeout
> setting somewhere that needs to be a little more flexible?
> The bit for the rest of us
> ---------------------------
> How did I achieve the improvement in latency / response times?
> My network (as are probably many of yours) is complicated and a little
> bit higgledy-piggledy.
> Upstairs (the starting point) I have:
> 1) The cable modem
> 2) The ethernet router
> 3) An ethernet switch
> 4) The Mac Pro Tower (called Butschgi)
> 5) 2 NASes
> 6) A Develo Powerlan (feeding ethernet over the power network)
> 7) A Dlink WLAN router - normally turned off because I sleep upstairs
> 8) A printer
> Downstairs I have
> 9) An ethernet switch
> 10) A digital stream (DS)
> 11) A TV
> 12) A blueray player
> 13) A Develo powerlan to WLAN router: this is the WLAN I normally use.
> Various clients (laptops, kindles, smart phones) connect mainly via
> the Develo WLAN
> Upstairs and downstairs are connected via an ethernet cable (and via
> powerline)
> So first I started measuring latency using my IP's speed tester. I
> measured from Butschgi which is directly on the Ethernet router, which
> is directly on the cable modem.
> Despite this, I was getting the incredibly varied latency, varying
> from 13 to over 3000 ms (and mostly 500ms and over).
> Then I stripped down my network to the bare minimum: Butschgi, The
> cable router, an ethernet router, and hey presto I was getting regular
> responses of 13ms.
> Then I added the Dlink WLAN Router, and Apple-pip (my MBA) as client
> via WLAN, and measured again, and got consistent responses of around
> 16ms.
> After that I connected my Jolla to the Dlink WLAN, and hey-presto
> installing / updating works as expected!
> So what is the moral?
> Something (or things) in my network was interfering enough to cause
> horrible latency: even to things like Butschgi which are connected as
> directly as possible to network point of entry.
> So If you are having problems updating your Jolla, it is worth
> checking out the latency between you and your IP, and if necessary
> reducing and simplifying your network.
> Now I need to gradually add stuff back to work out what the culprits are ...

probably something layer 2 (or alot of connections(torrent?)) is hogging your 
butschgi or modem. could be the power network, or the multicast streaming if 
the switches or butschgi or modem doesn't have igmp snooping...

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