[SailfishDevel] How to activate GPS on device

Aaron McCarthy aaron.mccarthy at jolla.com
Thu Jan 2 02:01:49 UTC 2014


On Wed, 1 Jan 2014 21:17:57 christopher.lamb at thurweb.ch wrote:
> Salut Damien
> Not noise par bleu, far from it!
> What if someone starts your app first, before the map app?

Then you do what the Map application does: check whether the user has enabled 
positioning and inform the user they need to turn it on. Application can read 
the setting values, they are located in /etc/location/location.conf. Normal 
user applications do not have permission to modify this file but they can read 

> What is the mystery license? If that is a requirement to use GPS, then
> maybe your app will also need to be able to handle the license
> acceptance process.

The license is presented to the user when they first enable positioning and 
afterwards from the pulley menu. It is not strictly required to use GPS, but 
as there is currently only one positioning switch for both GPS and wifi/cell 
positioning it must be accepted.

> For what exactly is the license required?

It is to use the HERE positioning service.

> If it is for the Maps, then what has that to do with GPS Positioning?

There is a separate agreement that you must accept to use Maps. This is 
presented when you first start the Maps application.


Aaron McCarthy

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