[SailfishDevel] Using virtual machine's network (UDP BCast)

Niels Christian Ørgaard ncothang at gmail.com
Sun Dec 28 01:46:21 UTC 2014

Hi Sailfish Devs :)

I'm wondering if any of you have any experience changing network-settings
on the Emulator image for Sailfish.

My headache is that my application needs to receive UDP Broadcast messages
from the local (real) network, and with the 2 network interfaces being set
to NAT and Internal Network, this seems to be, uhm, not quite possible.

I have tried changing either of them to Bridged (first tried with the
NAT'ed one, then later with the Internal Network one), but in both cases,
QtCreator refuses to work with the Emulator:

Error while building/deploying project Lightfish_qt (kit:

When executing step 'Start Emulator'
Even after changing them back, and comparing them to a clone of the
original, I get the above error - seems to me that there is something more
to the network settings, than exposed by Virtual Box.

Testing the connection from QtCreator's preferences (manage devices -> Test
Emulator), I am told that it is quite able to connect; it is merely during
the deployment steps, that it fails miserably.
The above is also the only thing I can see, relating to this failure.

Any insights into getting this to work, where I can have the emulator on a
bridged network, receiving packages from other devices, and actually reach
it from QtCreator, would be most welcome.
Steps on how to get from the point where QtCreator SAYS it can communicate
with the Emulator, to the point where it actually can, also very welcome.

Note: Due to my phone managing to take out QtCreator earlier tonight, I'm
on a completely clean install of the SDK (incl deleting the files in
.config) - but if I need to, I'll re-install a few more times.
(the ca 20-second crash-restart loop QtCreator got itself into were
interesting, but quickly tiresome)

Also: Since my Jolla Phone is effectively dead following the recent
"update", I am having to rely on the Emulator to get any work done - thus,
no need to suggest that I test using a real device: a functional one is
currently not available :(

In advance, thank you for any and all help,
Niels Chr. Ørgaard
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