[SailfishDevel] App fails to start with "Assertion `wayland_ok >= 0' failed"

jklingen sailfish-devel at jklingen.com
Mon Dec 22 15:21:05 UTC 2014

Ahoy everybody,

After upgrading to SailfishOS, my app fails to start sometimes (~ 50%),
the cover page appearing shortly (~ 3s) with a spinner, then disappearing again.
When trying again after failure, it usually works fine.

In journalctl, I get these messages when the error occurs:

22 12:02:11 Jolla lipstick[1207]: [W] unknown:348 -
file:///usr/share/lipstick-jolla-home-qt5/switcher/Switcher.qml:348:26: Unable
to assign [undefined] to int
Dez 22 12:02:11 Jolla lipstick[1207]: ector: wayland_window.cpp:187:
WaylandNativeWindow::WaylandNativeWindow(wl_egl_window*, wl_display*,
alloc_device_t*): Assertion `wayland_ok >= 0' failed.
Dez 22 12:02:11 Jolla kernel: harbour-space-i(3171) send signal 6 to

A user has reported problems with starting the app also, and I don't see this
happening to other applications, so I assume there must be something wrong with
mine. Any ideas how I could track down the problem causing this? I cannot
reproduce this behavior when running from the IDE.

Note: I am quite new to Qt, so there are good chances I am missing something

Thanks in advance,

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