[SailfishDevel] QtQuickDialogs - QtQuickControls

Andrey Kozhevnikov coderusinbox at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 20:58:11 UTC 2014

QtQuickControls are not available for SailfishOS. You can only use 
native Silica components or plain QtQuick 2.x. Jolla (company) not 
supporting 3rd party components which are looking different. But you are 
also welcome to port QtQuickControls to SailfishOS yourself :)

17.12.2014 01:53, Alex Smirnoff пишет:
> Hi,
> With the help of Gcompris community I try to port Gcompris Educational 
> Software to Sailfish OS.
> The last problem that we encountered - we could not start application 
> because of unresolved dependencies.
> The two modules are missing: QtQuickDialogs and QtQuickControls.
> Gcompris uses them because they add portability.
> It looks like that the official repository does not have this modules.
> I have tried to check 3rd party repositories, but was not able to 
> found up-to-date packages.
> Could any one help me to find the way to have this modules on Sailfish?
> -- 
> Alex Smirnov
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