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We mentioned earlier that in order to allow more libraries and e.g. Python support we need Harbour to be able to accept submissions for certain Sailfish OS versions aka. "multiversion support".

We will deploy that feature on Monday 15. December 2014, starting 08:00 UTC. For local time run on a Linux system:
date -d '2014-12-15 08:00 UTC'

If all goes well you will face 'Service not available' notifications just for a few minutes. And the upgrade should be finished within an hour. But we recommend not to upload anything from the start point until we notify that the upgrade went well.

Expect also some delays in processing already submitted applications.

What will change in the UI?

After you select the RPM file in the upload form, it gets checked for which versions of Sailfish OS it is compatible and it will display you next to the text "Detected OS versions compatibility" for which versions of Sailfish OS your application is compatible.

There will be 2 additional drop down menus: "From OS version" and "Until OS version", which allow you to narrow down the Sailfish OS versions in which the application is made available.

Does that mean we can now start to submit applications which use the libraries you announced in the community meeting from 25. November (see: "Hot news: store API update" http://merproject.org/meetings/mer-meeting/2014/mer-meeting.2014-11-25-15.00.html)?<http://merproject.org/meetings/mer-meeting/2014/mer-meeting.2014-11-25-15.00.html%29?>

No. They will be allowed shortly after we release Update 10.

Now with 'multiversion support' it should not be a problem to allow also library XYZ. So when will you allow library XYZ?

Yes the 'multiversion support' allows us to be less conservative w.r.t. allowed libraries in Harbour resp. Store. But in order to make your and our lives easier, will still carefully select the allowed libraries.

So we will allow library XYZ when it has both a stable API and ABI, we are sure we can provide library XYZ for the foreseeable future and is also otherwise not problematic.

When will you allow more libraries?

We will review the demands regularly and gradually allow more libraries.

We will update our FAQ page under https://harbour.jolla.com/faq as follows:

OS version compatibility and Harbour?

    - What does "Detected OS versions compatibility" mean?
        The uploaded RPM's 'Requires' are checked against the provided packages in different OS versions and a preliminary list of compatible OS versions is provided.
        Note that this is only indication that the RPM is installable on the OS versions listed as compatible. It does not guarantee that the application will actually work, as there are currently some compatibility aspects which are not automatically detectable.

    - What should I set in the "From/Until OS version" options?
        With the from and until OS version options you can select the lowest and highest OS versions your application is compatible with. But usually you don't need to set these values.
        "From OS version" sets the lowest OS version for which your application will be shown in the store. It can be used if you know that your application does not work on older versions.
        "Until OS version" sets the highest OS version for which your application will be shown in the store. But you should not set it unless absolutely necessary, and instead update the application to work with the newer versions.

    - Does Harbour QA test the application on all OS versions?
        No. Normally QA tests the application only with the latest released OS version.

If you have any questions or face some issues after update feel free to ask here or send your queries to:
developer-care at jolla.com

Sorry for any inconveniences and best regards
Your Harbour Team

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