[SailfishDevel] Installation trouble with the SDK

kim at foder.dk kim at foder.dk
Thu Dec 11 13:48:06 UTC 2014

> On 11. des. 2014 10:06, kim at foder.dk wrote:
> > The fact that the installation hangs (and freezes the desktop) at "Generating keys" and the entropy pool is very low, made me believe there was a connection.
> Well, no. Running out of entropy should never freeze the desktop. (If it 
> did, that would be a DoS-class operating system bug.)

Well, you are of course right, I was jumping to conclusions ;)

> >> The symptoms sound more like what would happen if there was too much
> >> I/O, too many programs running, too much memory used, and perhaps too
> >> much swap space: the system would start swapping so heavily it would
> >> become totally unresponsive.
> >
> > This is of course the first things I checked: Lots of memory free (> 2G), no disk access at all when installation hangs, 2 programs running system-monitor & installation.
> In that case, the only other things *I* can think of that might freeze 
> the desktop are some problem with the X server (perhaps unlikely), or 
> some problem with the virtual machines. Virtualization involves both the 
> kernel and the CPU, and thus might hang your machine if it doesn't work 
> right. Does your virtualbox work at all with your new kernel?

That was also my first thought, but the three virtual machines I have besides Sailfish runs smoothly, but just to be sure I have installed the latest version of virtual box with same result.

En interresting detail, the desktop does not just freze, it is as if the desktop slowly looses -- something, until everything is static. The ability to open new windows/programs is lost almost the moment the installation reaches the "generating keys" phase, the mouse cursor is last to go.

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