[SailfishDevel] SailfishOS as an OS/platform in Qt

Alejandro Exojo suy at badopi.org
Sun Dec 7 09:40:14 UTC 2014

El Saturday 06 December 2014, Lorn Potter escribió:
> Tizen also and their own branch even.
> There are also quite a few other devices that have their own mkspec, so
> there is precedence for supporting a sailfish/jolla platform mkspec. 

Oh, true, I forgot them.

> (...) 
> Well, this one is easy. Tablet isn't arm based. :)
> So far, I don't think Jolla has actually needed it's own mkspec, and using
> the defaults is working ok.
> I'm not against the idea and would probably +2 any qt-project MR's, but
> then Jolla would have to use it in their builds.

That's what I wanted to know. :)

If there is not interest, well, I'll forget it and maybe propose a pull 
request for QFileSelector in libsailfishapp as I mentioned in the other mail.

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