[SailfishDevel] TODAY: Additional SailfishOS community meeting on IRC - open source and Jolla - 2014-12-02T15:00 UTC

"Thomas B. Rücker" thomas at ruecker.fi
Tue Dec 2 08:21:07 UTC 2014

It's really hard to distill the answers given on TJC into discussion
topics. Please don't hate me if I twist things, it's well intentioned,
to have a more clear agenda. Without further ado, preliminary agenda for

 1. /Introductions and setting the stage/ - *5 min*
 2. /The way forward *together*; A modus operandi for Jolla and the open
    source community to collaborate./ *30 min* - based on @DiosDelRayo
    's answer
 3. /open sourcing sailfishOS parts - planning the road ahead and
    bringing more transparency to the process/ *30 min* - based on @tofe
    's answer
 4. /Jolla and OSS - a public manifesto(?) outside private blogs, IRC
    and TJC?/ *15 min* - based on @anandrkris ' answer
 5. /beyond EOL - how could a hand-off to community look like?/ *5 min*
    - based on @shellkr 's answer
 6. Wrap up, loose ends, do we need another meeting? *10 min*

I will prepare topic introductions for each of the topics and will do my
best to guide the discussion, also by playing /devil's advocate/.
Nevertheless I expect the community and especially each of the named
persons to be ready to argue their side on one hand and Jolla to have
the necessary representatives to engage into meaningful discussion on
the other hand.

The answers section is now considered closed, further posts will /not/
be taken into account. If you take issue in some part of the agenda,
please bring it up during point *1* at the beginning of the meeting.



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