[SailfishDevel] Elevating process privileges?

Jonni Rainisto jonni.rainisto at jolla.com
Thu Aug 7 07:48:52 UTC 2014


When you enable developer mode you have 'devel-su' command available.

Harbour store doesn't allow apps that run as root. But openrepo's does (you can set suid bit in rpm and use standard c++ calls to to gain&drop privileges.

Br, Jonni
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Hi all!
Is Jolla user able to run processes that require root account? I mean something like 'nemo' is in `/etc/sudoers`. And if it is possible, how to gain privileges from C++? Is it like in Android, where I have to execute `su` command?

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Michał Radwański a.k.a enedil
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