[SailfishDevel] Python & Qt5 (PyOtherSide / PyQt)

Martin Kolman martin.kolman at gmail.com
Mon Sep 30 18:00:06 UTC 2013

30.9.2013 16:15, Roberto Colistete Jr.:
> About PyQt5 on Mer/Sailfish, I think it is worth to : help porting 
> many PyQt4/PyQt5 softwares from PC and Maemo 4 & 5; have all Qt5 
> functions in Python. More programming options -> more softwares on 
> Mer/Sailfish. 8-)
I would second that. While I think at least in my case, PyOtherSide & 
Python backend should be able to cover all what is needed for my modRana 
and Mieru Sailfish ports, I think there might be some use-cases where 
all the various Qt class wrappings provided by PyQt might be useful. 
Stuff like XML/JSON parsing, network access manager, Qt resources, 
QObject, signals & slots, QWidget, QThread, QtSerialPort, etc.

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