[SailfishDevel] Python & Qt5 (PyOtherSide / PyQt)

Roberto Colistete Jr. roberto.colistete at gmail.com
Mon Sep 30 14:15:03 UTC 2013

Em 30-09-2013 09:40, Thomas Perl escreveu:
> Also, it's Python >= 3.3 only at this point. See http://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0404/ and https://github.com/thp/python2sucks to figure out why this is a very good idea and why you want to have that.

     Hi Thomas Perl,

     Citing your words (in Twitter) : to convert this plugin to Python 
2.7 is very simple, in "pyotherside/python.pri" (source code), change 
"python3.3" with "python2.7".

     For example, in Qt 5.1 for Linux PC, I've made this change in 
PyOtherSide, built it and used it in a simple "Limit.py"/"Limit.qml" 
mathematical application (http://www.robertocolistete.net/Limit/) using 
Qt Quick Controls & Python 2.7 & SymPy, see the screenshot below. 
Limit/Calculus will be available on Sailfish.

     I think it would be interesting to also have 
"pyotherside-qml-plugin-python-qt5" (using Python 2.7, because it is the 
default Python on Mer/Sailfish) on Sailfish OS in a default Mer/Sailfish 
repository. So making Python softwares with PyOtherSide on Sailfish 
would be very simple (no need to use Python 3, no need to the user add 
repositories, etc).

     The Talk Maemo.org topic "Python & Qt5 on Sailfish" :
has many useful discussions about PyOtherSide, PyQt5, etc.

     About PyQt5 on Mer/Sailfish, I think it is worth to : help porting 
many PyQt4/PyQt5 softwares from PC and Maemo 4 & 5; have all Qt5 
functions in Python. More programming options -> more softwares on 
Mer/Sailfish. 8-)



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