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khertan at khertan.net khertan at khertan.net
Sun Sep 8 08:10:48 UTC 2013

Space is valid for uri, that's just magically encoded by browser to %20 ...

And when you mix address bar and search bar adding a space at the beginning prevent doing a DNS query on a search which contain two words separated by a dot. Example with search: QtCore.QApplication ... if you didn't put a space before browser will answer that s domain didn't exist.


Benoît HERVIER - http://khertan.netLe 08/09/13 02:39 Mikael Hermansson a écrit :
I think that the @ character should be visible directly on VKBD when inputtype 
is email. If I remember correct on N9/N900 is space button used for @ because 
space is not used anyway when enter email adresess so... Start made me think 
of URL:s maybe space could be used to something else when enter URl:s too. 
Such as toggle http:// https:// atleast when URL line is empty?

Just my  cents ;)
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