[SailfishDevel] Installing packages to the SDK and Emulator via the rpm/yaml file

christopher.lamb at thurweb.ch christopher.lamb at thurweb.ch
Thu Oct 31 09:28:01 UTC 2013


Thank you for helpful answer.

I had pretty much understood the benefits of PkgConfig, which is why I  
was keen to use PkgConfigBR to install packages to the SDK.

However thinking more deeply this may not be possible for all  
packages. If the .pc files that PkgConfig uses are "mainly" in the  
devel packages, then PkgConfigBR can only be used to install devel  
packages (and those they depend on in turn). For instance it could not  
normally be used to install qml declarative-import packages.

I suppose that makes sense - the declarative-import packages are not  
actually required to build (though QtCreator won't recognise the QML  
components without), whereas devel packages are truly required to  
build C++ stuff.

For example:

PkgConfigBR : Qt5Positioning
can be used to install:


but there is no PkgConfigBR that will install



Zitat von "Thomas Perl" <th.perl at gmail.com>:

> ....
> They're installed by the packages' .pc files (usually in the -devel  
> package). ....

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