[SailfishDevel] Installing packages to the SDK and Emulator via the rpm/yaml file

christopher.lamb at thurweb.ch christopher.lamb at thurweb.ch
Thu Oct 31 06:15:09 UTC 2013

Hi Jarko

Thanks for your detailed comments. My understanding of this topic has  
vastly improved. I will be spending most of Friday on a plane, so I  
should be able to spend some time writing an article on installing to  
sailfish for my blog.

One bit that still eludes me is this:

I can find the names required by PkgBR by  kewword searching in the  
SDK Control Center, or with zypper se xxxx, but how do I "translate"  
these names to the format used by PkgConfigBR:?



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> Hello Chrispher, I'll inline some comments with "JV:"

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