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christopher.lamb at thurweb.ch christopher.lamb at thurweb.ch
Sat Oct 12 17:02:39 UTC 2013

Hi Martin, Mikael, Kondou et al.

Thanks for your replies: the debate is getting interesting!

I think there are two approaches to UI consistency.

One is that an app should have a consistent UI across platforms. Thus  
a user using the same app on multiple platforms will find his way  
around easily. I guess a developer targeting those platforms is likely  
to think this way.

The other approach is to say that an app should be consistent with the  
hosting platform (and thus possibly inconsistent across multiple  
hosts). That way the user of the platform has a consistent experience  
across multiple apps. As most end users will only use one platform  
(e.g. their own phone), in an ideal world this would probably be the  
way to go for most apps.

The IT Architect in me likes the idea of layers as suggested by  
Mikael, however like Martin the pragmatist in me questions how this  
can be achieved for non trivial apps offering a rich user experience.  
I will certainly spend some time investigating how to do this. @Mikael  
do you have any examples you would like to share?

My own experience of mobile development over the past year suggests to  
me that achieving a simple, easy to use and natural GUI is the part  
that takes by far the most time, overshadowing all the technical  
back-end stuff. The GUI is the part of my application that has changed  
the most (and continues to do so).


Zitat von "Martin Kolman" <martin.kolman at gmail.com>:

> 12.10.2013 17:51, Mikael Hermansson:
>> And trying to make good UI that "works on all platforms" is just  
>> wrong way of
>> thinking IMHO. Its better split UI part from the logic and share as much as
>> possible between the platforms but still use "native ui" for the platform
>> used.
> While this works quite nicely for simple one-off applications that  
> don't change, it gets tedious really
> fast for a continuously developed application if you have to keep  
> half a dozen different GUIs in sync feature wise.
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