[SailfishDevel] Managing screen resolution

Seppo Tiainen seppo.tiainen at gmail.com
Fri Oct 11 04:29:06 UTC 2013

The SailfishOS SDK (Qt5 Alpha) assumes a screen resolution of 854 × 480
which is the same as on N9. It seems, however, the first Jolla device will
have a 960 × 540 pixel display. How should one prepare for that? I have
understood that the current advice is to use 16:9 aspect ratio and no
hard-coding in number of pixels.

But if you are porting an app that has been hard-coded for N9 screen size,
what is the best approach?

1) Will there be a global parameter to fix the 'magnification'? (would be
2) Is there any other way to fix the resolution easily?
3) Should the whole app UI be redesigned? (would be a lot of work...)

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