[SailfishDevel] Troubles with the SDK

Lucien XU sfietkonstantin at free.fr
Fri Oct 11 12:57:40 UTC 2013

Le vendredi 11 octobre 2013 13:04:05 Luciano Montanaro a écrit :
> Hi everybody,
> I have been tinkering with the SDK to start porting my N9/N900 utility
> to sailfishos, and I have hit a few stumbling blocks...
> - first one: the QtCreator has stopped building my work, it now answer
> with "connection refused" every time I try to build.
>   I have tried to follow suggestions that originated from this list,
> but with no improvements... And the strange thing is that I can login
> with ssh to the build machine, and I also manage to build using mb2
> make. Any suggestion about this?
> - second: My application uses the Location and WebKit packages in the
> Qt4 version, and I have added the corresponding packages to the sdk;
> the includes are found correctly, but the libraries are not linked.
> Should I just add some -l flag there, or is there a cleaner way?
> I am using the webkit library mostly to extract the information I need
> from a web service; I suppose this should be changed to a regexp based
> scanning to reduce dependencies on QtWigets/QtWebKitWidgets, but I
> would prefer to do that after I have a QML/Silica gui in place.
> Thank you in advance,
> Luciano

Hi Luciano !

First, welcome in Sailfish development !

I cannot help you in this SSH issue since it seems that everybody can have this issue, 
and it can be caused by very different reasons (and sometimes it just happens 
randomly). Most of the time I reboot the SDK and the VMs and it works. Do you mind 
providing us your host architecture and OS (Windows, Linux, Mac ?). Maybe some 
other people could help there.

About the second issue, I have the regret to tell you that you are doing it wrong, as 
you cannot mix Qt 4 and Qt 5. Search for packages called libqtwebkit5, libqtwebkit5-
devel, libqtwebkit5-widgets, libqtwebkit5-widgets-devel etc. About location, you should 
use qt5-qtlocation, qt5-qtlocation-devel.

Install them in your SDK, and add them in the spec file and it _should_ work, minus 
some code adaptation. Webkit is good to do webscrapping though, I don't think that 
you have to use a Regexp inside, as you will write a lot of boilerplate code to manage 
the issue where the webdeveloper did forget to add a / to <img /> or <br/> ...

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