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Javier Romero xavinux at gmail.com
Thu Jul 25 18:07:36 UTC 2013

Very interested and would like to help.
Will see you in the IRC channel.
Best regards,

Javier Romero

El 25/07/13 04:41, FIlip Kłębczyk escribió:
> Hello,
> As a person with academic background, who in the "very old" times 
> (around 2007/2008) taught students about programming for Maemo 4 
> platforms with help of some imported N810's from Germany (yes, those 
> weren't available in Poland at all) I thought that nowadays there are 
> probably people connected with universities (lecturers, PhD students 
> etc.) who would want to do the same, but with Mer/Nemo or solutions 
> based on them like Sailfish and Jolla based phones. I also remember 
> that preparing such lectures and scenarios of laboratories required 
> quite some effort and digging through a lot of stuff on maemo.org, 
> which was on one side good, but on the other side sometimes people 
> from academia just don't have time for that in constant rush with 
> other stuff.
> To address that problem I thought about creating open educational 
> project whose aim would be preparing ready to use materials (like 
> slide presentations, some scenarios for laboratories, code examples or 
> tasks etc.) to teach about Mer/Nemo, Sailfish and others. In my 
> opinion the stuff on Mer/Nemo wiki is really, really great, but 
> probably not for average student, especially if he/she didn't have any 
> experience with such kind of projects. Moreover big companies who are 
> developing other platforms have usually some kind of academic programs 
> providing this kind of materials on portals, even with some 
> gamification elements to make learning more efficient and enjoyable. I 
> don't even mention about those companies providing devices and other 
> hardware stuff for laboratories usage. As a result it's much easier to 
> make mobile programming courses on universities about platforms from 
> big players like Google, Apple, Microsoft or Blackberry. I guess that 
> determined people like me that want to teach about interesting 
> alternatives such as Sailfish are in a small minority and it can be a 
> real challenge to push this kind of topics into course program, 
> especially with no arguments like ready to use materials, when 
> convincing colleagues also involved in teaching process at such courses.
> In my opinion this is really a big issue that must be addressed sooner 
> or later and benefits are quite obvious - the more students will know 
> about Mer/Nemo the bigger chance that some of them might get involved 
> in active way like writing apps or contributing to open source 
> platforms such as Mer. Yes, in my opinion more people are needed in 
> the community, because for now it mainly consists of people previously 
> involved in Maemo or Meego (probably with N950 in their pockets) and 
> there is lack of fresh air (when comparing with what Canonical is for 
> example doing - attracting completely new people to their platform).
> I've set up a repo where I will try to prepare such materials (which I 
> need to prepare anyway for the Fall semester, because I want to 
> include things connected with Mer/Nemo/Sailfish into two courses at 
> least). I'm looking forward to any help, contributions and ideas from 
> people who are interested in this topic - that is not limited to 
> lecturers, but also students and everyone who finds this matter 
> interesting or important. By the way I've given the project a name 
> Dolphinaric - yeah, dolphins are those clever and intelligent sea 
> animals and the name was not used :)
> So the address to repo (not much yet there):
> https://github.com/Dolphinaric/dolphinaric_courses
> For people seeking a place for more direct way to discuss, there is 
> also #dolphinaric IRC channel on Freenode. I would also like to set up 
> a mailing list, to not make a mess here ;) So I'm looking for 
> suggestions where to set up that (I tried to do that on Freelists.org, 
> but did not receive any response from them yet).
> Best regards,
> Filip
> PS. I've posted this message on both mer-general and 
> devel at lists.sailfishos.org mailing list, but I STRONGLY SUGGEST to 
> discuss it on mer-general mailing list only to not cause chaos and 
> cross postings (I hope soon dedicated mailing list will be set up).
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