[SailfishDevel] [Announce] Educational project regarding Mer/Nemo and distributions based on them -> Dolphinaric

FIlip Kłębczyk fklebczyk at gmail.com
Thu Jul 25 07:41:23 UTC 2013


As a person with academic background, who in the "very old" times 
(around 2007/2008) taught students about programming for Maemo 4 
platforms with help of some imported N810's from Germany (yes, those 
weren't available in Poland at all) I thought that nowadays there are 
probably people connected with universities (lecturers, PhD students 
etc.) who would want to do the same, but with Mer/Nemo or solutions 
based on them like Sailfish and Jolla based phones. I also remember that 
preparing such lectures and scenarios of laboratories required quite 
some effort and digging through a lot of stuff on maemo.org, which was 
on one side good, but on the other side sometimes people from academia 
just don't have time for that in constant rush with other stuff.
To address that problem I thought about creating open educational 
project whose aim would be preparing ready to use materials (like slide 
presentations, some scenarios for laboratories, code examples or tasks 
etc.) to teach about Mer/Nemo, Sailfish and others. In my opinion the 
stuff on Mer/Nemo wiki is really, really great, but probably not for 
average student, especially if he/she didn't have any experience with 
such kind of projects. Moreover big companies who are developing other 
platforms have usually some kind of academic programs providing this 
kind of materials on portals, even with some gamification elements to 
make learning more efficient and enjoyable. I don't even mention about 
those companies providing devices and other hardware stuff for 
laboratories usage. As a result it's much easier to make mobile 
programming courses on universities about platforms from big players 
like Google, Apple, Microsoft or Blackberry. I guess that determined 
people like me that want to teach about interesting alternatives such as 
Sailfish are in a small minority and it can be a real challenge to push 
this kind of topics into course program, especially with no arguments 
like ready to use materials, when convincing colleagues also involved in 
teaching process at such courses.
In my opinion this is really a big issue that must be addressed sooner 
or later and benefits are quite obvious - the more students will know 
about Mer/Nemo the bigger chance that some of them might get involved in 
active way like writing apps or contributing to open source platforms 
such as Mer. Yes, in my opinion more people are needed in the community, 
because for now it mainly consists of people previously involved in 
Maemo or Meego (probably with N950 in their pockets) and there is lack 
of fresh air (when comparing with what Canonical is for example doing - 
attracting completely new people to their platform).

I've set up a repo where I will try to prepare such materials (which I 
need to prepare anyway for the Fall semester, because I want to include 
things connected with Mer/Nemo/Sailfish into two courses at least). I'm 
looking forward to any help, contributions and ideas from people who are 
interested in this topic - that is not limited to lecturers, but also 
students and everyone who finds this matter interesting or important. By 
the way I've given the project a name Dolphinaric - yeah, dolphins are 
those clever and intelligent sea animals and the name was not used :)

So the address to repo (not much yet there):

For people seeking a place for more direct way to discuss, there is also 
#dolphinaric IRC channel on Freenode. I would also like to set up a 
mailing list, to not make a mess here ;) So I'm looking for suggestions 
where to set up that (I tried to do that on Freelists.org, but did not 
receive any response from them yet).

Best regards,

PS. I've posted this message on both mer-general and 
devel at lists.sailfishos.org mailing list, but I STRONGLY SUGGEST to 
discuss it on mer-general mailing list only to not cause chaos and cross 
postings (I hope soon dedicated mailing list will be set up).

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