[SailfishDevel] My sailfishapplication-less setup/project (which enables the use of setContext*)

Superpelican superpelican at zoho.com
Sat Jul 20 15:33:12 UTC 2013


Building on my custom main.cpp which I've showed earlier, I've created a 
sailfishapplication project less project. Which allows you to use the 
setContext* methods which are useful for QML/C++ 
communication/integration. I now also have a custom .pro file, which has 
the sailfishapplication.* stuff removed and has the necessary stuff that 
was previously in sailfishapplication.pri integrated. My custom main.cpp 
and .pro are in the tar.gz archive attachment. I hope this is useful for 
other SailfishDevel list members and saves them some work ;). Of course 
you will need to edit the "TARGET", "desktop.files" and "OTHER_FILES" 
sections to match your app's name and edit the "SOURCES" and "HEADERS" 
sections according to the .cpp's and .hpp's/.h's your project contains.

My project tree now looks like:

  |     |--cover
  |     +--pages
  |--Other files
(Sorry for the bad tree, I'm no ASCII art pro ;) )

The whole sailfishapplication project is left out completely as you can 
see in the tree, no unnecessary stuff left :)

Maybe Jolla can include 2 separate SailfishOS application templates in 
the beta SDK, one "SailfishOS QML only application" template and a 
"SailfishOS Qt Quick/C++ application" template (with a special main.cpp 
that allows the use of setContext* like my main.cpp and custom .pro like 
mine) :) that would be really handy. Especially because Jolla suggest on 
sailfishos.org that Sailfish apps are written in a mixture of QML and 
C++. So IMHO they should have a QML/C++ friendly template ;)
Also some links on sailfishos.org to the Qt-project Wiki's pages about 
QML/C++ communication/integration would be welcome (or additional 
documentation written by Jolla :) ). As like I said above Jolla suggests 
that Sailfish apps are written in a QML/C++ mixture, while (almost) all 
of the documentation or links to documentation on Qt-project.org on 
sailfishos.org is QML only.

I hope this useful for the other SailfishDevel list members and my 
feedback is useful for Jolla :) And thanks for all the help I got on 
this list and for all the awesome work the Jolla guys and women are 
doing :), keep up the good work! ;),

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