[SailfishDevel] replacement to QtMobility's GalleryModel?

Lucien XU sfietkonstantin at free.fr
Fri Aug 16 11:41:45 UTC 2013

Le jeudi 15 août 2013 22:31:27 Mikael Hermansson a écrit :
> I guess Qt mobility has kinda deprecated in Qt5 and some is merged in Qt5.
> But question is what is the replacement for DocumentGalleryModel? in Qt5 or
> any similar SailfishOS/nemo API:s?
> also is there any GPS/NFC Qt API?
> Sailfish homepage does not hint about any of ^^
> Regards
> Mikael alias mike7b4

Hello Mikael

It is true that some parts of Qt Mobility is deprecated, and others are yet to 
be merged. For DocumentGallery, you might use 

import QtDocGallery 5.0

DocumentGalleryModel {

For GPS and NFC, IIRC, these API are not yet merged. And they won't be useful 
for you either since the emulator don't give any way to emulate NFC or GPS. 


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