[SailfishDevel] QTLocation not part of QT5, what to do?

christopher.lamb at thurweb.ch christopher.lamb at thurweb.ch
Wed Aug 7 15:34:14 UTC 2013

Hi all

> "I believe the goal for QtLocation to be included with Qt is 5.2..."

But isn't QtLocation included in the SailfishAlpha 2 ?

I am confused on this: In the Alpha2 toolchain I find

The SDK Control Center also shows qt5-qtlocation is installed in the  

On the Emulator, "zypper se location" showed qt5-qtlocation was not  
installed, so I ran "zypper in qt5-qtlocation".

However when I ran my app, I get the error
module "QtLocation" is not installed
      import QtLocation 5.0

Curiously I can't find where zypper installed QtLocation on the  
Emulator. I had expected to find it somewhere near /usr/lib/qt5/qml


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