[SailfishDevel] Fwd: Re: Include Python.h

FIlip Kłębczyk fklebczyk at gmail.com
Tue Aug 6 09:41:41 UTC 2013

W dniu 06.08.2013 11:14, christopher.lamb at thurweb.ch pisze:
> Hi Benoit
> B.t.w, zypper in to the MERSDK and adding packages to the toolchain via
> the SDK Control Center are NOT the same thing*.
> I was also a bit confused on this, but as I see it, using zypper in the
> MERSDK makes stuff available to the underlaying operating system, but
> not necessarily to the toolchain.
> To me it makes sense to isolate the 2, the OS may require different
> versions of the same package then those in the toolchain (which are
> intended to build stuff for a third party - in this case the Emulator)
> Perhaps David can explain this better.

You are right.


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