[SailfishDevel] Bug in the Silica Reference docs and possible bug in the Dialog component

Superpelican superpelican at zoho.com
Sun Aug 4 10:42:23 UTC 2013


Sfiet_Konstantin and I have had another debugging session on IRC 
recently with my app.

I had defined a handler that would be called when the user accepted a 
dialog. However
we saw that the handler was never called. Then I noticed that the 
documentation page
on the Silica Reference about the Dialog component has an error in it. 
The description part
of the page described that an user can accept a dialog by pushing it 
*from right
to left*.

But the onAccepted() signal hander description described that the user 
could accept a dialog
by pushing it *from left to right*. Well I tested it in the emulator and 
the description of the
Dialog component at the top of the page is correct. However the 
description of the onAccepted()
signal handler is incorrect. Instead when you push the dialog *from left 
to right* you *reject it*!

So every time I thought I was accepting the dialog, I actually rejected 
it! ;) I had only read the wrong part
of the documentation page.

The onRejected() signal handler description is incorrect too. It says 
you can reject a dialog by pushing it
*from right to left*. Which actually accepts the dialog.

I hope someone can edit the Silica Reference, so that not more 
developers read the wrong part and wonder
why their defined action doesn't occur! ;)

Also we noticed that when a dialog is accepted, it isn't popped from the 
pageStack. While according to Sfiet_Konstantin
this should happen. This is especially a problem in my app, where the 
app has a homescreen where a mode is chosen.
Then when a particular mode is chosen the user is first prompted for a 
dialog, to enter information that is required for
that mode to operate. After the user has accepted the dialog, the mode 
begins. The user can quit the mode and return
to the homescreen by simply pushing away the "mode page".

However when the user does that, the dialog is still there and he/she
will have to reject the dialog too and will then finally return to the 
homescreen. Not only does this require another action from the user,
it can also be confusing to see a dialog with the previously entered 
value still in it. Some users will think they need to accept the dialog.
But if they do, they'll return to the "mode page", not the homescreen. 
This can be very confusing.

This can all be seen in this video: 
http://ubuntuone.com/7MIfo6vKsdqg9PmgSQ9iH4 (note: this requires a 
browser that supports HTML5, otherwise
you'll need to download the video and play it in your local video 
player). Unfortunately the video has a very low framerate. 
Sfiet_Konstantin and I
don't know whether this is due to my laptop not being particulary highly 
spec'd or Wayland causing the low framerate. I can remember recording
applications and games with another recordmydesktop frontend on a much 
lower spec'd computer, so I doubt that computer is too slow.

The source code of my app can be found at 

I hope this is helpful for the sailors/Jollaians,

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