[SailfishDevel] Installation of import packages on Qt5 Alpha Emulator

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I read on a wiki/docs page on qt-project.org yesterday that it isn't possible anymore to import a single .qml, where this was possible in Qt 4.8. Instead you now have to import the directory where the .qml is located in. I don't know on which page I read, but I can look it up when I'm behind my laptop again. It was one of the differences between Qt 4 
4 and 5/porting to Qt5 pages though.

Hope this is helpful,


On Fri Aug   2 2013 11:39:46 PM CEST, christopher.lamb at thurweb.ch wrote:

> Hi All
> Is there anything different about where Qt import packages should be   
> installed on the Qt5 Alpha Emulator?
> By "import package" I mean the sort of thing that you import to a qml   
> file as follows
> import org.flyingsheep.abstractui 1.0
> In the old Qt 4.8.3 Alpha Emulator I installed my package in   
> /usr/lib/qt4/imports
> On the new Qt 5 Alpha Emulator I have installed the package under   
> /usr/lib/qt5/imports
> i.e. in the Qt5 imports directory rather than the Qt4 equivalent.
> However when I try and run an app importing this package in QtCreator   
> I get the following error:
> file:///opt/sdk/landedsettingsQt5_21/usr/share/landedsettingsQt5_21/main.qml:2:1:
> module "org.flyingsheep.abstractui" is not     installed
> Any ideas?
> Chris
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