[SailfishDevel] SailfishOS Package Manager Error

Lucien XU sfietkonstantin at free.fr
Fri Aug 2 07:17:04 UTC 2013

Hello Chris,

Refresh the view by clicking n the Sailfish. It should give you the 
maintenance view back (if your MerSDK VM is launched)


Le vendredi 2 août 2013 08:15:33 christopher.lamb at thurweb.ch a écrit :
> Hi All
> On the new Qt5Alpha, If I press the SailfishOS Icon on the left of
> QtCreator (e.g. to see what packages are installed) I get the
> following error:
> "The SDK VM is not responding. Create a new SailfishOS project (or
> open an existing one) and press the Start SDK button on the lower left."
> I have the default SailfishOS project open, and have successfully
> deployed it to the Emulator VM.
> Grüsse
> Chris
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