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christopher.lamb at thurweb.ch christopher.lamb at thurweb.ch
Thu Aug 1 21:36:20 UTC 2013

Hi David

Good news!

Does the "old" Qt4.8.3 Alpha really need to be removed? Can't the new  
Qt5 Alpha be installed alongside? (I currently have 3 different  
versions of Qt Creator + SDKs installed, so one more can't hurt can it?)

Or is that just asking for trouble?

Being naturally suspicious I don't removing something old until I know  
that the something new works!



Zitat von "David Greaves" <david.greaves at jollamobile.com>:

> First of all, thank you very much for waiting - and now here is the  
> SailfishOS
> SDK Alpha-Qt5 update supporting Qt5, QtQuick2 and Wayland!
> In this release we roll out a SailfishOS SDK that works like it's predecessor
> but supports Qt5 and QtQuick, with it's graphics pipeline switched  
> from X11 to
> Wayland.
> Not only that but we've added update support so we can now roll out  
> improvements
> - keep an eye on the Updates page in the Control Centre and watch out for
> QtCreator updates too.
> Don't forget we develop lots of things in the open - you're welcome  
> to join in.
> So, point your browsers to https://www.sailfishos.org and ride the  
> wave, you'll
> love it!
> With best regards, David  & Jarko
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