[SailfishDevel] What is going on with SFOS 3.3

Matti Viljanen matti.viljanen at kapsi.fi
Thu Mar 26 15:02:39 UTC 2020


I have been using my Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra (3.2.1) as a modem by 
connecting it to my router with USB cable, and it has worked perfectly - 
after I did the fixes found in TJC, that is. I assume the same fixes I 
did should fix Jolla Phone, too. I have my Jolla Phone still, but I 
don't have the time to test it right now.
Matti Viljanen

E.S. Rosenberg kirjoitti 26.3.2020 klo 13.20:
> Hi Everyone,
> SFOS 3.2.1 was released in december.
> Yes most of the world is working from home but in our field that barely 
> matters so what is going on? Any projected date?
> Thanks,
> Eli
> (I just made the stupid mistake of updating my JP1 to 3.2.1 while I'm 
> using it as my WFH modem but according to TJC this will be fixed in 3.3, 
> though I'm trying to see whether I will succeed in fixing it manually)
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