[SailfishDevel] Image + text element, or a non-rectangular text field possible in silica?

David Llewellyn-Jones david at flypig.co.uk
Mon Jan 6 16:58:47 UTC 2020

On 06/01/2020 16:10, szopin at gmail.com wrote:
> Picture will be helpful: https://i.imgur.com/knA9qZP.png Is there any
> way to make the text start from left edge after the thumbnail ends?
> Not sure if there is something that would fill remaining space with
> text automatically, or if you can maybe hardcode the thumbnail size
> and force the text field to extend left after x lines?

One way would be along the lines of your second suggestion, to use the
lineLaidOut() signal to increase the indent for something like the first
five lines of your text.


There's an example of this in the Messages app. When you have a draft
message shown on the main screen, the first line of the message is
shifted slightly to the right to accommodate a little pencil icon. The
code for this is around line 150 of the file
/usr/share/jolla-messages/pages/groups/GroupDelegate.qml in case the
example is helpful.

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