[SailfishDevel] Add Lithuanian keyboard layout

Vilius Panevėžys vp at mikrovisata.net
Sat May 18 12:53:02 UTC 2019

Hi all,
I'm a Sailfish X user from Lithuania. I was a bit surprised Lithuanian
keyboard layout was not available out of the box even though there has
been some interest [1][2]. I'm left to guess no one did anything
tangible to get the layout included.

I have created a Lithuanian [3] keyboard layout following a post on TJC
[4], based on English layout by simply adding the letters with
diacritical marks on the corresponding Latin letters.

I would really appreciate if the layout was included so that I wouldn't
have to reupload the files to my device after each upgrade and that
other Lithuanian-speaking Sailfish OS users would benefit from it as

The source repo [5] for the corresponding package (`pkcon get-details
jolla-keyboard-layout-western`) does not seem to be publicly
accessible, so I'm attaching the files instead of a diff. As the change
is trivial, I hope that's acceptable.

(comment on 2016-05-14)
[3] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lithuanian_language#Script
[5] https://bitbucket.org/jolla/ui-jolla-keyboard
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