[SailfishDevel] Binding singleton values and network availablity

Thomas Tanghus thomas at tanghus.net
Fri Aug 30 12:22:19 UTC 2019

With kind and subtle help from Coderus, I found ways to monitor network
availability. To use it in different places of the project, I'm trying
to make a singleton which holds relevant variables and states.

That part actually works - almost.

The singleton module(/object/class?): ;)


  pragma Singleton

  import QtQuick 2.6

  QtObject {
      property bool isOnline: network.isOnline
      onIsOnlineChanged: console.log('Env.isOnline:', isOnline)

      property var network: {
          var component = Qt.createComponent(Qt.resolvedUrl('Network.qml'));
          return component.createObject();

This instantiates:


import QtQuick 2.6
import org.freedesktop.contextkit 1.0

  QtObject {
      id: network
      property bool isOnline: state.value === 'connected'
      property ContextProperty state

      onIsOnlineChanged: console.log('Env.Network.isOnline:', isOnline)

      state: ContextProperty {
          id: networkOnline
          key: 'Internet.NetworkState'
          onValueChanged: {
              console.log('Env.Network.state', value, isOnline)

Both 'onIsOnlineChanged' triggers successfully, but not so much actually
using them:


  ApplicationWindow {
      property bool isOnline: Env.isOnline // Creates no binding

      // This isn't triggered
      onIsOnlineChanged: {
          console.log('App.onIsOnlineChanged', isOnline)

      // Until I make this binding
      Binding { // This does create a binding
          target: app
          property: 'isOnline'
          value: Env.isOnline

Is there a way to have this binding without creating it explicitly?

Next question: I need the binding to work, because I don't want to fire
off any request before I know if the network is up. Is there anything
that can be done to shorten the relatively long time it takes for the
ContextProperty to register network connectivity?


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