[SailfishDevel] SyncML Plugin Server question

Chris Adams chris.adams at jolla.com
Wed Aug 7 08:45:10 UTC 2019


Thanks for doing that work!

I suspect that you are correct regarding the client-initiated syncs (in this use-mode, each Sailfish OS device assumes that it is both a SyncML server and a SyncML client, insofar as any change to its database might trigger a sync with another device (i.e. this device acts as a client) and any change to the other device's database might trigger it to sync with this device (i.e. this device acts as a server)).

This was the fundamental reason why the original calendar sync PR wasn't able to be merged: the semantics of such "round trip, multiple device" synchronisation cycles weren't well defined, and instead the sync acted more as an "import" than a true "sync" (potentially resulting in data duplication).

(For example: what happens if you sync contacts 5 times between the devices?  If you get 5x the whole addressbook, resulting in 5 constituent contacts being linked into a single aggregate contact, then that is clearly suboptimal / should be fixed before we merge.)

In many cases, what you want is actually a simple "import" from another device - but sharing the .vcf or .ics via Bluetooth sharing and then manually importing that via Settings->Apps->People->Import vCard is probably the better option.

Best regards,

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deloptes wrote:

> To dig into it is out of scope for this project, but I wanted to have
> honest opinion. I agree with Sateesh, but then not sure why ref is added
> only on sync session, which makes server die each time you disable
> bluetooth. There is not much one could do from the plugin to prevent this.
> The logic is in buteo-syncfw. It should be applying to all plugins.

Hi Chris, all reading this,

the "digging" has become unnecessary as it came to light what was going on
behind the scene.

I did a move after testing different scenarios on the test device to put the
software on my "production" daily/business phone yesterday.

It took a while to settle all differences mostly in the contacts, which
accumulated over the past two years, but finally the work was done.

After a successful sync, as we already know from the previous post, the
reference is not removed and the server keeps running.

The next time the schedule runs to check/retrieve/sync the profiles, it sees
the bluetooth profile and the server running and that the profile is
enabled. Consequently it tries to start the sync from the phone as a
client - here comes BTConnection from clientplugins/syncmlclient in the
game, but of course on the other side no syncml server is running and it
fails - after which the server is stopped.

What was the purpose of this? Possible use case is Device A get close to
Device B and Device B asks for a sync.
I can hardly test this, because I would need a second buteo device - AFAIK
Syncevolution does not support this or at least I have never used this

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